HAPPINESS IS… Taking care of myself


It’s an old hat… I’m not endorsing the team.

So I’ve committed myself to a beachbody challenge with a group of ladies, and we started today! I love beachbody workouts. I have been a beachbody on demand member for years, and have done so many of their workouts, including P90X, Insanity, 21 Day Fix, just to name a few. The thing I love about them is that they can be done from anywhere as long as you have WiFi, yup, it’s all online, and you get access to over 500 videos to workout with. I’m not really a gym person. I prefer to wake up throw on a bra, or not (but probably though, cause we know it ain’t cute jumping around without one, amirite ladies?) and go straight to working out. No traveling to a destination and then coming back home. I feel like I cut out a lot of stuff between trying to the actually workout, which makes me more productive. Home workouts are not for everyone though.

Weight has always been a tough topic for me. It’s something I have had problems with for a lot of my life. I’ve felt like I’ve never been the “right” size. This did not help once I started acting. I’ve been on so many diets. Worked out till I felt sick, because I decided to wear a garbage bag under my clothes (please don’t this. This is not a healthy way to lose weight). Lost weight. Gained weight. I’ve been through it all. The one thing I realized was that no matter how much weight I lost I never really felt like I was happy about my body. I knew it was something that I had to work on from the inside. It also doesn’t help that I’m Caribbean, and people from the islands have a way of calling you fat that they think is endearing, especially when they haven’t seen you for a while, but if you have body issues it’s not fun while people talk about how much weight you’ve gained, even if they think it’s a good thing. As I get older I am learning to appreciate my body more, and even though I am still not at the weight I’d like to be, I try not to look in the mirror and criticize what see. Instead I try to remind myself of how lucky I am that I am able to do certain things that others are not. I try to enjoy life and not worry too much about the number on the scale. In doing that I actually lost 15lbs. I focused on being happy, and less about how others see me or what the media says I should be. Now I just want to live a healthy lifestyle. To stay active and eat foods that make me feel good and that tastes good of course. Food should always be delicious in my opinion. 😀


I took a few before photos at the beach today, cause everything looks better with the ocean in the background. I look forward to sharing my journey with you guys. I know I won’t be perfect and there will be days that I don’t want to do the workouts and I don’t want to eat the healthy foods, but I know it’s all part of the process. I will commit to doing my best, and taking it one day at a time. It’s all I can really do. I will try to enjoy myself and the support of the ladies in the group, while motivating and support too.

“…The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself” ― Baz Luhrmann.



My beachbody shakeology mix is HERE!!! Cafe Latte flavor, yum!! Along with my containers for my meal portioning.

Light, Laughter & Love

Teana-Marie xo

2 thoughts on “HAPPINESS IS… Taking care of myself

  1. Girl,
    First of all you look great no matter what size and I’ve seen you in a few!! You rock it all with style and grace because a woman of so many depths can’t possibly stay the same all the time. You are the combination of an endearing chameleon and majestic like a monarch butterfly and you are always soaring. No to mention the most important thing of all which you mentioned is that self love is something that comes from the inside. It may help you to know that your beautiful, radiant smile and joyful, bubbly spirit is all anybody can ever notice. Especially me! You always make me feel so wonderful. Just being around you lights up my day, or even a simple phone call or text. I do understand what you mean about the caribbean way of complimenting, (filipinos are the same), and how that can make you feel a way. I was recently in Jamaica and was reunited with some family members who saw me when I was at my smallest at 104lbs – now up to a healthy 110lbs (though some argue I could still put on another 10 or so…), but on my small frame it shows that I finally have some meat back on my bones. Needless to say, I was greeted at the airport with…wow you get fat eeh…you look nice!!!” Of course us as women…especially ones with weight struggles looks past the “nice” part and just hear “FAT FAT FAT” – For the first couple days of my trip I was in a seriously sour mood cuz I felt super self conscious, but I mean how ridiculous did that play over in my mind when I was saying to myself – get a grip girl, you’re 110lbs!!!!!!!!!! I decided that I didn’t care and I wanted to enjoy my trip down there and wasn’t going to ruin it over something so insignificant, especially because it was my honeymoon and my husband loves every bit of me..so why shouldn’t it!?? I lived it up vacation style and I ate with no shame and no regret!!! I really had the greatest time with my partner when I decided to focus on what mattered. Our body is a vessle which yes we should take care of, but vanity is something that can take a back seat over what is truly important!!
    Beauty is skin deep, but my girl…you are beautiful INSIDE AND OUT.
    I love you beyond words! Keep shining Tea. xoxox
    PS – LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading my darling. We sure have spent many hours on this subject, and I am still learning to work from the inside out. I am finally feeling pretty good about myself. I am exercising and taking care of me, and that’s the most important. We are of no use to the people we love if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Love you my little sis!


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