HAPPINESS IS… Spa day with friends


Earlier this week I went to the Scandinave Spa in Whistler with a couple girlfriends. It’s about an hour and a half drive from where I live, so it’s the perfect day trip. You get to take a break from the city and pamper yourself too. If you’ve never been and there’s one near you, you should check them out. There are four locations across Canada, Whistler (BC), Vieux-Montreal (QC), Mont-Tremblant (QC) and Blue Mountain (ON). This was my second time. Full disclosure, the first time I went, my friend and I were ill for a couple of weeks. I’m convinced it was because of all of the toxins that were released from my body (maybe). Maybe it was just some awful flu going around. Either way I didn’t blame the spa at all. The place is fabulous!!




The grounds is beautiful, and the atmosphere is so peaceful and calming. If you haven’t been there, here’s how it works. You can get a massage, which is optional of course, but so relaxing so you might as well treat yourself, I do. There are different types, for example there’s deep tissue, Swedish and you can also do a duo massage if you and your partner or friend want to have the experience together. You can also have an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) do your massage. The difference with having an RMT vs a regular Masseuse is that you can write off the RMT on your taxes. Their level of work is the same. I usually do the Swedish, I prefer a more relaxing massage and don’t like too much pain. I just want relaxation, so it’s perfect. The people there are wonderful and extremely professional.




Just to be clear I don’t know how the other locations are set up. My experience has only been with Whistler. I imagine they are pretty similar, but check first if you decide to go! Once you’ve left the change rooms and entered the grounds there is a “no talking” policy! Complete silence (there are staff on the grounds to remind you, in case you’re not used to that and you forget :D). AHHHHMAZING!!! On the Whistler site it says, “Silence is a source of great strength” I love it, you really get to be with yourself and your thoughts surrounded by natures beauty.



If you’ve decided to have the massage you have all access to the baths and saunas. There are cold plunge pools, which I try to avoid, mylanta, I don’t like them. They are soooo cold! There are hot baths as well as saunas and steam rooms. Those are spectacular!! I don’t like being cold. Give me warmth all day everyday, must be the Caribbean in my blood. There are also lounging areas, solariums, outdoor fireplace areas, and the hammock haven. I love the hammocks.


Happiness really is about taking care of yourself. Your mind and body are so important to your well being. If you can make it a time spent with friends too, even better.

Light, Laughter & Love

Teana-Marie xo





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