HAPPINESS IS… getting a beautiful surprise

So a few weeks ago I discovered this wonderful online candle store when a friend bought one for another friend’s birthday. This beautiful scented candle was from Charmed Aroma. I had never heard of them, so I took to the internet and looked them up. They’ve got candles of all scents and the best part you can get ones with gifts inside the candles. Rings or necklaces valued between $10-$5000. How amazing is that? You can pay $40 and possible receive a $5000 ring.

I loved the concept and of course I wanted to see what type of ring I would get!! So I ordered mine immediately!!

It’s here!!


I got the limited edition Pineapple Candle. The scent is deliciously amazing and I can’t wait to use the container for something fun!


There are so many other flavors to chose from and for the month of July they have July Birthstone Ruby Candle. I got one of those for my cousin who’s birthday was last week. Can’t wait to see what prize she got inside. I’ll be ordering another candle for a friend who’s birthday is coming up soon. Honestly, they are the perfect gifts.

Enjoying that lovely pineapple smell, and waiting for my prize.



There it is!! I found it!! I have to be honest. I’m was a little impatient and probably could’ve waited a little longer for the wax to melt down, but I admit it, I dug out the prize πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


TA DAH!! Here is my beautiful prize. There is a code that comes attached to the ring so you can appraise it and find out the value of your ring on the Charmed Aroma website. I checked mine and it is valued at $200, not bad for a $40+ purchase.


Thanks Charmed Aroma!! I love it!! Check out their website at charmedaroma.com and let me know which candle you bought and what your prize is valued at, and enjoy those lovely smells.

Light, Love & Laughter

Teana-Marie xo




3 thoughts on “HAPPINESS IS… getting a beautiful surprise

  1. I love this! Like you, I would have been impatient and dug out the ‘prize’ but the candle looks so good too. What a great and simple idea for a little happiness and joy (and possibly a $5000 ring) 😊

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  2. Such a fun little candle! I remember I got one of those prize candles when I was in elementary school and it was one of those things that made me soooo happy!

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