I went to this burlesque type show last night. It was amazing. Thanks to a very dear friend of mine who is also a teacher and choreographer with Luminesque dance, I got to witness women of all ages and all dance levels come together and have a wonderful time. They were so confident, y’all, and I loved that. I am all for anything that gives women that extra boost in life. Lord, knows we knock ourselves down enough.

It was so Pussycat Dolls, and made me want to join. In fact, I think I might. They have some free classes around the city of Vancouver this coming week, and what better way for me to get my sexy back. I think I lost it around 5 years ago, but Imma find it folks. I’m gonna get that confidence and be empowered for no-one else, but me.

Learning to love ourselves as we are can be such a tough thing, especially since we, as women have been conditioned, from a young age to look at all the things we lack. I know I’m not alone in the feeling that magazines, television, the internet and social media can play a bad role in making us feel like crap!! Well, guess what? YOU ARE AMAZING!! Everyday you wake up and do your best. You take care of those you love. You work hard to the point of exhaustion somedays. You give and give, and then you give a little more. That’s who we are as women. We are unbelievable, selfless beings, and we love fiercely, but sometimes (most times) we forget about ourselves. You know how on a flight they always say if something goes wrong and the oxygen mask drops, to secure yours first before you help others? Yeah, that. YOU ARE important too, and you are no good to others if you aren’t good to yourselves. Mothers? Are you hearing me? Yes, you love your babies, and they are so lucky to have amazing moms like you, but you are deserving of wonderful things that don’t always include your kids. You were your own person before they came along. True?

Find that confidence, if you think you’ve miss placed it.  Go get that sexy back, do a burlesque dance class, wear those stilettos, but don’t hurt yourselves, and dance like you’ve never danced, shake that booty. Take your health back, do those squats so you have a booty to shake, whatever it is that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world (and don’t say being a wife, or mom). This is about you and only you. Go out and shine, boo. You deserve it.

Love, Laughter & Light

Teana-Marie xo

One thought on “HAPPINESS IS…Confidence

  1. Such true words. Women are so used to doing things for others and putting themselves at the back of the queue (which we never get to). Thanks for the reminder to put ourselves first sometimes. For the good of others and our selves.


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