HAPPINESS IS… speaking up.


Happy Jubilee day?

I’m in the express check out at Fresh st Market in West Van. On my right is another line up for the regular, non express counter. I’m standing behind a woman who has her basket. Her friend is in the non express line on my right behind a man who is next in their line up. The friend says to the lady in front of me, hey, I think we got our baskets mixed up. I think you have mine. So the woman in front of me steps over to her friend to exchange the basket. This all happened so fast, but as they are figuring out which basket is who’s, I was standing back, because I thought she would come back to her space in line and she was next.  Oh, and you know the whole 2 meters apart thing. Also, I can’t see the cashier because the line bends around the corner

The man in front of the friend, who is wyte walks up to my till and puts his stuff on the counter. I say, excuse me. I was next.He says, oh well she called me over. I said, ok, because she can’t see around the corner, but you can see that there’s a line up and you still went ahead.He looks at me and says, oh well. I was waiting longer. I says, yes, in a completely different line. Even if she called you over you could see me and you can’t even apologize for cutting in front of me like I’m not here.An elderly wyte woman behind says to him, you weren’t supposed to be next. This a completely different line. He says, well, I was here longer. Takes his stuff and leaves. I appreciate the woman speaking up, because my experience when stuff like this happens is the deafening silence. No one ever says a thing. So I appreciate it, but don’t let that be the take away. It was kind, but she knew he was wrong. It was obvious that he was wrong.
What I need you to see is that this behavior is part of wyte privilege.This is one of the many times I have felt dismissed by a wyte male. Maybe he’s just a jerk in general and maybe that’s how he us to everyone, but I thought, dang this Emancipation Day, for people who look like me and he couldn’t even be a decent human being on this day to me. You know what I thought. How do you think I felt standing there? I let you try to imagine.

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